More Ideas For Crafting Your Paper

A List Of Little Explored Research Paper Topics In English Literature

One of the biggest obstacles that students must overcome before writing a research paper is choosing a topic. Once you reach high school and even college, teachers are less likely to assign you topics and more likely to request you to choose your own and submit it for approval. Here are some research paper ideas to help get you started.

  1. An In-Depth Study of Your Favorite Author- Think about the way that Sylvia Plath, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, or Victor Hugo write. Do their life events effect the style of their writing or the way that characters interact?
  2. The Gender Roles in a Novel- This topic is especially good for stories set or written during older times. Think about the way that men and women behave in the book. Does it go along with the times or are there roles where men or women stick out?
  3. Novels and Politics- For this topic, choose a novel that discusses the politics of the time. Is this addressed head on or subtly? Think about the way that the author eluded to politics and how people of the time accepted or rejected the ideas.
  4. A Comparison of the Times- Choose two separate novels that are set during the same time period. Compare things like the way that the characters act and the scenery of the time.
  5. Everyone’s a Critic- Choose a novel that has received quite a bit of criticism from critics. Analyze their opinions and then give your own. Do you agree with the criticisms of the novel?
  6. Bans on Literature- Consider some of the books that have been banned at one time or another. Why do you think they were banned? Is it right or wrong to ban these books, in your opinion?
  7. The Evolution of Different Eras- Think about the ways that the generally accepted ideas of the times effected how receptive or unreceptive the public was to an author’s works. Did he or she change with time to fit in? How did this affect the way that books sold? You could also analyze a specific author for this topic, discussing how they evolved in their writing career.

Once you have chosen a topic, spend some time doing a little research to make sure that it fits the assignment well. Custom writing services may help you quite a lot. Then, submit it to your teacher for approval before getting started on your research paper.