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3 Useful Prompts for Completing a Research Paper on Language Development

In essay writing, a prompt is a statement that focuses on a topic or an issue followed by questions. Its main purpose is to inspire a response in the form of an essay. A research paper about language requires a prompt that will address the development and mastery of language for infants and how they learn to understand and use language to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings and how they learn to communicate with people around them. This is the essence of language development.

Here are some useful prompts that would help you write an outstanding essay on language development.

  • Why promote language development and communication skills in infants and toddlers?
    The response here is supposed to bring out the importance of giving children support in the first years of life when child’s brains are developing rapidly and the foundation for learning is being laid. It is during those early years that adults and educators have the opportunity to provide children with useful interactions to support their growth and development especially in language and communication.
  • The relationship between language and the brain
    This prompt leads to research on language acquisition which investigates the acquisition of sound structure/sign structure, vocabulary, meaning, grammar and conversational skills by all human beings considering they are born clean slates – not knowing any language or sign. The research on language acquisition is necessary when writing about language development since it explains typical development of language and other communication skills and helps detect possible language problems in children.
    Also, it can open an investigation of the relationship between language and the situation in which it is acquired.
  • Is there a difference between speech and language?
    This seeks to explain the relationship between speech and language since these two terms relate but are not similar. You see, a person can acquire speech without acquiring language. Speech means producing the sounds that form words and is a physical activity that is controlled by the brain. Language on the other hand is the ability to understand and use words to convey an understandable message. It is made up of vocabulary, grammar and discourse.