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Key Issues In Sociology To Discuss: Cultural Background Research Paper Topics

Sociology is the study of people and how people move and interact within society. It is an interesting subject, and considered to be a Social Studies class. If you take the class, it will be an elective, unless you are seeking a degree in the field. You will need to write some papers when you take the class. There can be some fun topics that deal with key issues in the class to discuss that revolves around cultural background research paper topics.

Cultural Background Research Paper Topics

  • Diversity and Disparity in the STEM Field: Pay Attention to females and minorities, as well as pay, college enrollment, low income school preparation, and employment placement
  • Gender Roles and How They are Evolving
  • Native Americans and the Push for Them to Re-Claim and Re-Discover their Traditions and Race
  • Eye Color and How People React to Different Colors in Different Races
  • Appropriation of a Race: Is it a compliment or is it an insult, when is it happening, and why is it happening
  • Ethnic Hairstyles and Why the Professional Field Resents Them: What they represent to people who do not understand them
  • Baggy Pants: How they went from prison garb to clothes of protest against certain sectors of society and a fashion statement
  • Dialect and Colloquiums in Certain Races: when they can be used and when they should not be used, why are there rules and who made them, and what the future holds for this use of language
  • Clothes and Cultures: when wearing clothes representative of a race are acceptable and not, who decides this and why? Examples could be the hijab or kimono
  • Black Lives Matter: look at the movement, the impacts, and where it might be going in the future
  • Blue Lives Matter: compare this movement to Black Lives Matter, what they have to do with each other, and where it may be moving in the future. Another approach might be to look at African Americans who work in the law enforcement sector and see how this affects them.

When you write this essay, you can look at case studies, conduct surveys, and read up what the experts are saying about your composition topic. Make sure that you use credible, academic, and valid resources in your piece. All of these supports will help to prove your main points and ultimately your thesis.